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Events Dragon is a whole new way of marketing your business!  We will specifically recommend YOU as the best venue for a clients special event, and we’ll turn over the hottest lead to you to close the deal.  Best of all, everything we’ll do for you is 100% FREE, with no fees or costs of any kind!

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is a one time $129 fee per storefront, due upfront or at the time of your first booking. Then, there are NO MONTHLY COSTS, just an industry standard commission and ONLY when we get you a 100% confirmed booking.

Not all vendor’s products or services are taxable, nor would you initially know of any incidental costs. However, if there are taxes or any such expenses to be reimbursed, you will bill these directly to the client. As noted on all storefronts, “State and local taxes, along with any incidental expenses (extra travel/lodging, product shipping, etc.) are not included in product or package costs, and will be billed by the vendor to the client separately.”

All payments are processed through the secure Stripe payment processing system. You’ll be sent a 20% deposit within a few days to lock in the event. The second payment of 60% is at the mid-point to the event date. Then, the balance will be paid 7 days prior to event.

If client cancels without cause, you keep all monies received. If client cancels based on a state of emergency or a pandemic, we ask the vendor and client to work together to reschedule the services to a new date. If the event cannot be rescheduled, or if a client cancels based on a complaint with you, which has been verified by Events Dragon, you must refund all monies received.

When a client provides their event details, we’ll check to make sure you’re available, within range of their location, and have a product/package under their budget. Then we’ll make specific vendor recommendations based on star rating ranking.

Once a client selects you for their event, we send you a notification with all event details, including their budget, for your acceptance. You may communicate directly with the client at any time to ensure a good fit, clarify or define their exact needs, etc.

If a product/package becomes unavailable, you must work with the client towards a mutually agreeable substitute product/package. Then just let us know and we will update the info in our platform.

We ask that you work with the client towards a mutually agreeable substitute product/package. Then just let us know and we will update the info in our platform.

You tell us about as many of your products/packages as you want, and include a description, image, and the cost for each. However, if we consider your vendor category dynamic (options are virtually unlimited) then you’ll simply set a minimum booking amount, and we’ll get you a firm commitment for a defined dollar amount based on the client’s budget.

You’ll upload your blank contract in advance into your storefront.  Then when we have a booking for you, we’ll provide you an addendum to your contract specifying all event and client details for you to accept the booking and e-sign.  The client will then e-sign your contract with all event details, and this specific booking is now complete.  We’ll quickly send you a deposit to lock it in. The contact and event details will be shared, so you and the client are free to chat at any time.

You’ll advise us immediately so we can work with the client on a replacement vendor, and all monies received need to be refunded.

Per the terms of our agreement, any connections made through Events Dragon must be booked through us. If you violate this agreement, you will still owe us all commissions which would be due, and we’ll have the right to suspend your storefront.

We reserve the right to make revisions to our site as deemed necessary.

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