Planning a Wedding? Here are 7 tips to help you NOW!

Planning a Wedding? Here are 7 tips to help you NOW!

Weddings are an essential part of anyone’s life. It is one of the biggest parties you’ll ever throw. But all that planning to get everything perfect can be pretty overwhelming. So while the process of wedding planning feels exciting, there are things that you need to consider, whether it is a small and simple wedding or a big lavish one.

When we talk about planning a wedding, it is good to follow a checklist and tackle the listed steps in order. Yes, there is a method, and sticking to the wedding planning list will ensure everything goes smoothly and stress-free.

Here are the seven tips that would help you:

1. Get the wedding that you want!

Let’s say you’ve got engaged recently, and people are already excited about your wedding. You have started thinking about how you want your wedding to look, who to invite, what food to serve, and more. While considering all the options, your family and friends might start to weigh in on what they hope and want in your wedding. What if you wish to do something according to the latest trend in the wedding world, but there isn’t enough time for it, or your family doesn’t understand your wishes? You should consider hiring a professional wedding event planner to help you make the right decisions. They will be able to provide a lot of guidance when it comes to making decisions about your big day!

2. Start with the broadest details and create a checklist

Focusing on every small detail at the start can quickly make you feel overwhelmed. Therefore, you shouldn’t focus on the small details during the initial planning process. Instead, ensure that you begin with the larger aspects of your special day and address the smaller details as you go. For example, if you create a checklist, filtering everything bigger at first and smaller stuff at the end, you would have a much easier time planning things out.

3. Selecting the venue

Choosing the right venue makes everything else fall into place, so before you plan the whole wedding day, research and find your venue first. An early booking is always a good idea, as sometimes venues can be overbooked or have rules and regulations that mandate certain services. If you know those things beforehand, it’ll be easier for you to plan out your day.

4. Choosing the date

With the help of a wedding event planner, come up with at least three potential dates for your wedding. There’s a good chance that your preferred date might already be booked, especially if you want to get married at a popular venue. It is why few backup dates will help to ease your worries if your primary preference is unavailable. Also be aware that venue prices will vary depending on day of the week, and even time of the day, your event will be held. For example, you may have your heart set on a really nice venue, but find out that a Saturday night is over your budget. You may be able to have a Sunday morning wedding at the same venue, but for a lower cost. In addition, most venues have a slow season, and the dates may be even less expensive there as well, such as winter months.

5. Trust your choices

Do not worry about what your guests will feel or think about a certain choice you made. Trust your choices. Your guests won’t care about the options you had and the options you chose. Always remember that your guests are there because they care about you. If you are unsure about anything, you can ask the wedding planning experts at your service to help you out.

6. Local amenities and services are the right choices

When it comes to gifts, services, and amenities, shopping locally will help save lots of hassle and time. It is understandable for brides and grooms to often have an affinity for services outside the city where they are getting married. However, with the use of local services, it can be quite helpful to ensure things go smoothly on the big day.

7. Go with the flow and be ready to adapt if a few small things go wrong

On your wedding day, you and your wedding planner will have everything ready for execution. So trust your decision and keep faith in your decisions. However, do understand that there might be some things that you cannot control. For example, someone getting too drunk or being too loud. The event management companies usually have some kind of security or lookout for such situations, so you can focus on your wedding and let the professionals take care of the rest.


Weddings are special, no matter who and where you are! Just try to relax and enjoy the moments. Realize even if everything isn’t perfect, you still get to marry the love of your life and celebrate your special day with all your closest family and friends.

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