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Our Founders

Michael Chunko

CEO & Founder

Michael, a lifelong New Jersey resident based in Princeton, has started and owned a host of successful businesses dating back to the age of 10. His many decades of experience in the promotional events industry and his dedication to business integrity and to transparency are the key drivers to Events Dragon’s success.

Rob Shotwell

President & Founder

Rob lives in South Brunswick with his wife Rosana, their faithful dog Chimax, and a houseful of cats. He is the owner of a 5-star photo and video company that he started in 2013 based on his passion for photography and his love for fun parties!

Together, they assembled a team of professionals who all share the Events Dragon vision, and collaboratively have built a truly ground-breaking web platform.

Ahhh, the very beginning … Having worked as a wedding photographer for almost 10 years, Rob understood both sides of event planning and the difficulties that could arise. And when he planned his own wedding in 2018, Rob felt the same as anyone would.

He was frustrated and time-crushed trying to balance the demanding needs of finding, sorting, meeting and negotiating with venues and vendors, while also managing his business, family needs and his life. As a vendor himself, Rob directly felt the pain of excessive marketing costs being on The Knot and Wedding Wire. Geez, especially in a time of global pandemic and a massive downturn in events, those sites continued collecting huge monthly fees with no financial relief, and frequently wasted his time while offering no guaranteed return!

Things happen for a reason … It was this frustration that led to a night out with Michael Chunko, a personal friend and fellow entrepreneur. Michael, an events industry business owner himself with decades of professional experience, shared Rob’s mutual frustrations. Then, in a true EUREKA moment, they answered the question, “How do we help clients plan their events in the most efficient way, while also offering event vendors in every category a better way to present themselves?” With Michael’s years of experience in designing and building companies, his forward thinking response was, “Let’s list all the problems both sides have, and let’s solve them all with one great website.” And with that Events Dragon was born!

People behind Events Dragon

Roshan Patel

Platform Development Director

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